About Us

The Impact Group is a proven and trusted advisor for non-profits, private businesses, and local, state, and Federal government. We partner with clients to define the underlying problem, develop strategies to address the problems and risks, then deliver solutions that improves performance, comply with regulations, leverage technology, reduce costs, and increase revenues.


Our mission is to enhance the long-term success of organizations by eliminating inefficiencies while taking advantage of untapped opportunities.


We deliver a full spectrum of energy optimization solutions including energy management, energy auditing, energy analysis, implementation of energy conservation measures (ECM) via energy retrofits, and Measurement and Verification (M&V) of energy cost savings. Our team is dedicated to understanding our customers’ unique energy needs and developing solutions that increase efficiency, reducing utility consumption which results in lower energy cost.

We provide project and program management, coordinating all required disciplines as necessary for the construction process of each project; including architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and environmental analysis and design. Our signature attention to detail, goes beyond ‘on time and on budget’ to provide customized, high-quality workmanship at affordable prices. We work to ensure your space doesn’t merely match the blueprint, but comes alive and speaks to everyone who walks through your door.

We provide video production, animation, photography, and 3D & Virtual Reality photography to governments, businesses, and non-profits in the Washington, DC Metro region. Our process focuses on communication that balances emotion and attention, change psychology and habit formation, and how different kinds of motivation affect perspective shifts and behavioral outcomes. Impact Studios partners with great film makers to create visual media that is stunning and impactful. 

We bring a unique model to providing strategic IT solutions. Our wide array of strategic IT services allows our clients to reduce or reorganize their IT investment to improve business value. Our experienced and dedicated teams deliver cost-to-serve visibility, cloud migrations strategies, data analytics, workforce productivity improvements, and implement shared services. We smooth implementations by understanding the stakeholder environment and addressing change management complexities. This allows our clients to achieve success long after completion of the project.

We deliver a complete service suite in the procurement arena to both government agencies and private businesses. We streamline local, state, and Federal agencies procurement processes through pre-competed, on-demand contracts that provide quick and easy access to the right industry partners. We support small and medium sized businesses increase their presence in the government sector by providing strategy, marketing, business development, and project execution support.

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